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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Event X Factor Indonesia (XFI) are prestigious and become a Event X Factor Indonesia (XFI) are prestigious and become a favorite event in the last six months in RCTI beautiful culminate with a surprise X: Fatin Shidqia Lubis, veiled young girl, 16 years old, shy, innocent, and appeared for the first time singing in public and glass screen time audition XFI, it wins.In the SMS collection, Fatin managed to outperform the acquisition of SMS Novita Dewi, a mature singer with vocal technique and performance excellence. But it seems the viewers more stylish look Fatin kesengsem innocent, cute, and so the original SMS flood toward the veiled girl. Exactly what the musician Ahmad Dhani: many people are good vocals, good style, but little that is unique and makes people gasp.
That is what is inside of Fatin so he deserved to win the first XFI. What is interesting in itself Fatin besides unique voice? She maintains her scarf in the middle of singing competition featuring a Western pop culture without losing their identity as Muslim. A veiled woman and religion are strictly educated by his family was able to develop Islamic cultural inclusiveness that penetrate the barriers that separate the Islamic and Western cultures.
When Fatin sang "Grenade" Bruno Mars and his then became the talk of cyber communities on YouTube, the international music world had a tantrum. Millions of people, from the West and the East, amazed amazed with the cute voice Fatin. Fatin rendition of "Grenade"-to borrow an expression of musician Ahmad Dhani-better than the original singer.
Perhaps that's what led George Levendis Facebook and Twitter accounts via his @ HellasGL wrote: "Fatin XF making an impact in Indonesia". George Levendis is a friend of Simon Cowell (X-Factor event founder).
George was also an executive at the record company and Syco TV, which is owned jointly between Simon Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment. Various praise also arise when Fatin sang "Stay" Rihanna's unique style. Rihanna sings with pop style plus the lack of a sexy dress, while Fatin sing with pop styles plus muslimahnya elegant fashion. Pop music world was stunned, to the extent that French journalist stated: Fatin phenomenon is very unique because he was wearing religious clothing singer who never used anywhere in the world on my level competition X Factor.
An interesting question, whether the phenomenon Fatin show the Islamic world is changing? He said, in addition to Islamic belief, the pillars of Islam, and the pillars of faith, Islam has always suffered continuous cultural change. Borrow the words of the late humanist Kuntowijoyo: Islamic culture has changed and will continue to change because Islam is very flexible. Kunto describe the major changes from the birth of Islam in Makkah, then major in India, Europe, and will experience the glory of Indonesia.
So on, will be victorious in the entire world. Imagine, when Islam came to Java, Wali Songo creating cultural attributes entirely different from Arab Muslims and European Islam. Wali Song mem-cultural blending Arab, Indian, and local culture to market Islam in Java. The result: Islam successfully penetrate "the market" Java suburban communities, rural Javanese society, to the Javanese aristocracy in royal-palace is sacred and exclusive. Islamization of Java continues to develop until today it seems difficult to understand Western scientists, even scientists are not identified by the caliber of Clifford Geertz.
Geertz in his landmark book, Religion of Java, such as Java to categorize people into three groups-students, gentry, and abangans each integral because it has characters that can not merge with each other. In fact, the Javanese of the present, with the demands of modernity, including the running of Islam, are still respect the cultures of their ancestors.
Geertz might be surprised if you see there gamelan and dagger in the modernist Islamic leaders because such symbols typical Javanese aristocracy. In PDIP, the party which has been identified as a party abangan, there are institutions in which Baitul Hikmah seated figures modernist Muhammadiyah, including Buya Shafii Maarif. In the 2014 election, PDIPbahkansecara dare sit well sufistis modernist Muslim leaders, Jalaluddin Rahmat, for DPRI members. Therein lies the "X" Indonesian Islamic world: able to assimilate various cultures with smooth and accommodating.
In the past Sunan Bonang example creates song "Ilir-Ilir" and "Tombo Ati" very ethnic. Both this song since first being "anthem" of people in the village to await the arrival of Javanese priest dusk prayer, evening prayer and dawn. Sunan Bonang song's creation later revitalized by Ainun Najib Emha and popularized by singer Opick so now almost become "anthem" in the recitation events in the capital city, religious soap opera, and the title of Islamic culture throughout Indonesia.
From this perspective, we see the phenomenon of Fatin. The veiled girl managed to sing the song "Grenade" by slick so the owner of the original songs, Bruno Mars, thumbs-up. When Fatin pop icon Rihanna sang the song very well, not just a music lover who uproar, but also ordinary people. Fatin managed to marry pop icons and icons with hijab Muslim-something that was almost impossible to happen in the Middle Eastern world and the Western world. But, in Indonesia? Through Fatin, the Muslim world re-penetrate the walls of cultural categorized as Samuel P. Huntington.
Such people would be surprised if Huntington undoubtedly see a veiled Fatin Rihanna sang her song with elegant without losing modernity. This means, limits the Islamic world and the Western world is "bricked" is very strong by Huntington to be collapsed in the X-Factor stage won by Fatin. All of the evidence that a new generation of Muslims is not subject to cultural batasanbatasan by Huntington predicted to clash (clash civilization).
Huntington may never predict if a Muslim living in the land of a million mosques able to sing songs that are considered as the symbol of Western pop culture. In this context, Fatin be very significant victory for the Islamic cultural. Not just the hijab and the unique sounds that make people kesengsem Fatin, but culturally appearance temboktembok Fatin has succeeded in breaking down the identity of which has been built by fanatics Western world and the Islamic world fanatics.
Exactly when XFI event closed with the song 'We Are The World ", Michael Jackson, because that's how it is supposed to happen to mankind. Finally Muslims should always be optimistic with the changing cultural dynamics. If the stage is now being overrun Western civilization, said Kunto, believe in the future of the platform will be re-mastered East.
What is meant by Kunto is Eastern Indonesia with a unique Islamic culture which is a blend of various cultures in the world, from the Middle East, Europe, Hindustan, China, Java, and other local cultures. That's "X-Factor Indonesian Islam", Islamic future. Fatin has started its first step.
M BAMBANG PranowoProfessor of UIN Jakarta / Rector Mathla'ul Anwar, Banten((Newspaper Sindo) / Newspaper SI / tre) true

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